Fusion Bar & Grill

Protein Prep'd Meals

Protein Prep'd Meals

Protein Prep Meals

Menu W/C 10/5/16

Order by email fusionwirral@gmail.com orders can be collected from the restaurant; you will be emailed back with your order confirmation & a total.

Discounts of 10% are added when taking 7 days’ supply of 2 meals per day. Each weeks supply will be done in a 3 & 4 day supply to keep to keep things as fresh as possible. That works out as little as only £62.44 per week for 2 fully balanced nutritional meals per day !!!


Delivery will follow shortly, as will whole fruit smoothies, breakfast & fat free froyo



Roasted butternut squash & carrot soup £3.50



Steamed Thai chicken curry, with steamed brown rice & broccoli £4.95


Cajun baked salmon on a bed of lemon cous cous & wilted spinach £5.50


Moroccan chicken tagine, with Mediterranean cous cous & grilled

Courgette £4.95


Lean steak mince bolognaise with whole wheat noodles & green beans £5.50


Wholemeal steamed chicken burrito with rice, salad & salsa £4.50


Thai chicken & veg kebabs with coconut brown rice & peanut satay sauce £5.50


Mango & chilli chicken with cauliflower rice & courgette ribbons £4.95



Protein pancakes with banana & fat free yogurt & drizzle of honey £4.50 (must be eaten on the day)




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Please note - debit cards/credit cards now accepted above £15 Credit Cards +2%

Minimum charge of an evening, of £10per head.

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